More Testimonials.

I am Sae Sato, a 21 years old college student from Japan. I came here to study English and marketing. My friend introduced to PYD. I feel that I got really lucky because I was too nervous to look for internships . When I started PYD, my English wasn’t so good. But now I can say that I have been improving a lot. One of my favorite things about PYD is people who work there are really nice and motivated. For international students, it was hard to be friends or know someone who is local. So it was a really good experience and I can get some confidence about working in English. Especially knowing Leo is also one of my favorite things, I can’t count how much I could learn from him. I really recommend you do an internship at PYD. You can get used to working in English and this is really helpful for your career. Please don’t get nervous about anything. You will be fine and you will see how wonderful working in NYC is.

My name is Kiriaki Tzanis.  My background is Greek and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I am 19 years old and i am a senior intern at PYD on the business development team.  I found out about PYD one day applying to different internships and found their website.  I was immediately interested in gaining experience at the non profit and loved the opportunity to interact with and learn about cultures as well.  The CEO, Leo Sakai, is very smart and treats everyone as an equal.  I think anyone looking to advance their career, especially in college, would greatly benefit from working with him at PYD.  Whatever interests you, you can find a way to make that blossom at this company.  Aside from PYD, I love travelling and exploring the city.  I have my own travel and lifestyle blog that I run as well.


My name is Wonh Kang, I’m 27 years old and from Korea. My hobby is to walk around some place and meet new people. I really like to meet new people because I can hear various stories and lessons from them. So, my dream is to travel around world. And I am very interested in learning about Business. So, I was searching internship program to have experience in Business. And then my friend, who is intern in PYD, introduced PYD to me. I was so excited when I was looking up about PYD on the internet because there are a lot of opportunities to be involved like marketing, management and advertisement etc…and I am really happy to get various of things from my coworkers since they are from different field. It is very important for me to get diversity to live globalization village. I think If you have a lot of experience in PYD, I am sure that this experience will be used to adapt and grow of the company that you will create or work in the future. I am really inspired from PYD. So, now I have confidence to say like this “I can make my dream come true!”