More Testimonials.

“I believe PYD is a unique place where you can meet great staff and members. I worked with wonderful members and we inspired each other to achieve our goals. Being aware of business etiquette, gaining business terms, working at corporation environment are some of the lessons that I learned. I am getting to know what I am good at and working on areas where I need to strive more. Altogether, I am enjoying being an intern at PYD.”


“As an international student, the internship experience at PYD was priceless for me. Not only could I improve my English but also I could see the big picture of Corporate America. As PYD is not a big company, interns could have the chance to be involved in diverse parts such as marketing, finance, management, advertisement and so on. Furthermore interns were from various backgrounds, so I could widen my horizon and think out of box. Also PYD internship can be customized to my career path, so I could develop my professionalism.”


“Although I have only been with PYD for a short period of time, I am in the process of gaining valuable hands-on experience with the business world. I’ve met and worked alongside other great interns and overall I am enjoying my involvement with PYD.”