Core curriculum

This intensive, 12-week program provides students with a thorough overview of how to achieve success in American business and culture. Whether you’re an international student hoping to build your resume or a young professional hoping to further your chances of success in America, our core curriculum has something to offer you. Students gain insight into business etiquette, presentation, negotiation, and resume/interview skills.

There are 4 “business courses” that can be taken in any order and are offered regularly throughout April to July:

  1.  Business Etiquette (our “Signature Course”)
  2.  Interview and Resume
  3.  Communication and Negotiation
  4.  Formal Business Presentation

Students who show commitment and passion for their own professional development will, at the end of the 12-week sequence, be invited to apply for an internship with PYD (see below).

For more information, please click on the link for our brochure: PYD Brochure

Advanced curriculum

Occasionally, PYD invites professionals from the NYC area to teach one-time elective courses on topics such as leadership, investing, and job search strategies. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds, including banks and international organizations, and offer students real-world knowledge and practical applications.

Please check the home page (or our Facebook profile) for upcoming elective courses.

Interested in teaching? If you have relevant business experience and are interested in sharing your passion through an impactful curriculum, we want to hear from you! Teaching experience is preferred but not required. Please click on the “Apply” tab to send us your resume!


PYD has a unique internship program designed to give maximum exposure to the ins-and-outs of running a small non-profit. International students will get experience using English in an actual professional setting. American students will design their own project related to research/analysis, advertising, sales, or management. All interns are closely mentored and provided with non-stop networking opportunities.

Business-minded college students looking for an exciting, fulfilling summer internship are especially encouraged to click on the “Apply” tab and send us their resumes!

For more information please check our flyer: Pyd Event Flyer

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